1000 Voices began as an area wide singing in the fall of 2001, and has grown into a weekend long nationwide annual conference.  The focal point has always been (and always will be) centered on a themed song service on Saturday afternoon.

I did not want to come together and simply sing favorite songs.  I wanted to create a purposeful, thoughtful, and vibrant worship offering in the form of singing.  On Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening there are various breakout sessions and FREE workshops.

1000 Voices is FREE, and open to the public.  We do accept donations and could not operate the annual event without the $10-$100+ donations from individuals.

Over the years 1000 Voices has expanded to include workshops for song leaders, parents, children, song writers, and anyone else who enjoys singing a cappella spiritual songs.2009crowd

In 2010 we expanded the website to not only be a resource of information about the annual convention, but to contain resources for all things a cappella.

Please let us know what you think, or how we may improve our mission.