The People

The people behind 1000 Voices include Christians from around the country. At the center of the group is God. He is the reason for this event, and He is to be the focus of 1000 Voices.

There will be several talented song leaders, speakers, song writers, teachers, and singers at the event again this year. Regardless of your singing ability, we want you to join us in a wonderful weekend. If you would like more information on the individuals responsible for 1000 Voices, or would like to volunteer in some way please send me an email.

The past 9 years we have been blessed to have the help of some very talented individuals and we look forward to working with them again.  Individuals who have provided support to 1000 Voices includes but is not limited to:

  • Glenda Schales
  • Jay Conner
  • Tom “TBone” McGowian
  • Michael Stringer
  • Robert Petty
  • Philip Harris
  • Scott Wyatt
  • Tack Chumley
  • Sheila Donahue
  • Adam Joiner
  • Kevin Gillins
  • Winston Salem church of Christ
  • Allen Malone
  • David Tant
  • Ricky Shanks
  • Joel Sloan
  • Tommy Poarch
  • Perry Hall
  • Jeff Young
  • Monte Hampton
  • John Kilgore

Jeff Blankenship

1000 Voices is the concept of Jeff Blankenship.  He started planning and thinking about the first 1000 Voices in the winter of 2001, and the first singing was on September 22, 2001.

Give God the glory!