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$15.00 each (includes Shipping) 2016 Recording PREORDER – The 3 CD set will include the Friday night singing, the Saturday singing and Ricky Shank’s keynote talk. FREE SHIPPING – we are including the shipping costs in the suggested donation amount of $15.00 per set. $20.00 each (includes Shipping) 2015 Recording  The 3 CD set will include […]

Preparing your Voice

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3 to 7 days before the singing: Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated and your thirst quenched. Stay away from chocolate that is just about the worst thing you can eat before performing. Drink hot tea, cider, or just hot water with a teaspoon or two of honey in it. Take Vitamin C tablets […]

Thank you ….all 764 of you….

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10th YEAR – A Great Event The official count for this year was 764 people from across the country including Texas, Ohio. Washington, Florida, Alabama, New York, and all across the South East.  THANK YOU ALL FOR coming and thank you to allllllll the helpers!!!! For our 10th year together, we sang some of our […]

iPhone & Android Pitch Pipe Apps

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Pitch Pipe App Reviews Unlike some of you reading this, I do not have perfect pitch, and I depend on a pitch pipe to help with that starting note, or working through a new song. Unless you have perfect pitch, a Pitch Pipe is critical to starting a song correctly.  I use to carry a […]

Order your CD Set Today

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Each CD Set Contains: 1 Friday CD (New Praise & Worship Songs) 2 Saturday CDs  (Keynote talk + 1000 Voices Singing)  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Lord Take Control

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God sent His son to deliver us from our sinful selves and bring us home to him – “It is a trustworthy statement … that Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15). Yet, the Lord did not just seek a quick conversion and then a safe leap into eternity. In […]

Register BY THURSDAY November 4th!

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Register today for this year’s event.  The 2010 1000 Voices – our 10th year anniversary.  We will not turn anyone away, but we really need your help in preparing for the event.  If you plan to come, please register today.

2011 Flyer – A New Creation

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Thanks again to Patrick and Kaylie Halbrook for a fantastic flier again this year.  The inspiration for this year’s theme was the anxious awaiting of the birth of our first child. Download a PDF copy to pass out to friends or post at your congregation: 2011 Flyer Front 2011 Flyer Back We are mailing out […]

Definitions of words in our songs

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Dictionary of the Words and Terms Used In Our Songs

Provided by Ken Craig

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

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Beneath the Cross of Jesus A.        Author Behind the Song –  Elizabeth Clephane “This meaningful hymn was written by a frail…woman (Elizabeth Clephane)…who, despite her physical frailties, was known through her community for her helpful, cheery nature….Yet within the limits of her strength she served the poor and sick of her community, and she and […]

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