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We are working hard to expand our database of helpful articles, resources, and tips for song leaders, parents, teachers, evangelists, and anyone interested in a cappella singing.

If you would like to contribute please contact me and tell me how you would like to contribute.


One Response to “1000 Voices Resources”
  1. As a song worship leader who has been involved with 1000 Voices since the second year of it’s inception, I have matured as a Christian, as a musician, and most importantly, as a one who leads God’s people in song worship. I am very fortunate to have been trained musically to lead A Cappella assemblies like 1000 Voices. However, as I grow older, I realize so much that true leaders of God’s people must have a desire to serve, just like our Lord. I continually strive to become a better teacher but my talents are dependent on God. Anyone who wants to lead God’s people in worship should realize that it is a craft that you develop from many years of dedicating your life to being a true Christian, serve you Creator, and be willing to serve others. To be a good leader you must have the heart of a teacher. Whoever reads this, please feel free to respond or help me add to this web site. I think it is a wonderful addition to Jeff’s work with 1000 Voices that he has devoted a portion of this site to people who have experience in leading God’s people. I hope I have in my feeble way, explained how important a person’s heart must be in order for him to truly be an effectual leader.