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img_5325We are working on creating the largest online database of song leading resources.

In the past the 1000 Voices website has been a resource to find information about the singing event, with some recordings and videos from the event. However, for a long time, it has been my desire to create an online repository of audio recordings, videos of singings, song leading instructional videos and PDFs for beginners and advanced users, lesson plans for Bible teachers using songs, sermons in song, articles about singing and songs, sample song lists for a worship service etc…

I would like to ask for your help in this endeavor. I’m not necessarily looking for new material (although that would be AWESOME), I’m looking for material that you may have already. Maybe it is a sermon you did on the importance of singing, or a sermon in song you have put together, or maybe an article you have written about the history of a song, importance of singing, singing with understanding, or singing in the 1st century, etc….

All of the material on the website will be non-instrumental and focused on non-instrumental spiritual singing. The purpose of the website is to be a resource for Song Leaders, Evangelists, Christians in foreign lands, Bible class teachers, Parents, and really everyone. I do not plan to use the site to debate instrumental vs. non-instrumental.

I want to address a need that exists among brethren. For the same reasons I began 1000 Voices (the singing version of a gospel meeting or lectureship), I want to create this resource. I see a tremendous amount of resources on the web focused on sermons and articles, but not a lot of sites that are specifically focussed on singing.

The material on the site will help a Sunday School teacher use relevant songs with the 5 yr olds, help a song leader in developing a themed song service, introduce someone to shaped notes, teach new songs to brethren in China or the Philippines, or simply share good quality recordings of songs to encourage those looking for such songs.

I will ABSOLUTELY give credit for anything you provide (unless of course you do not wish me to).

At this time, I cannot pay you for your contribution, except to offer free copies of the 1000 Voices singing each year. However, I do have plans to generate a little income from the site in various
ways so that I could compensate contributors in a monetary way in the future. If you can provide me with any material for the site, I will be glad to send you a copy of this year’s event.

In addition if you know of someone who would be a good contributor, or who would like to help with this endeavor, I will appreciate your recommendation.

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