iPhone & Android Pitch Pipe Apps

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Pitch Pipe App Reviews Unlike some of you reading this, I do not have perfect pitch, and I depend on a pitch pipe to help with that starting note, or working through a new song. Unless you have perfect pitch, a Pitch Pipe is critical to starting a song correctly.  I use to carry a […]

Definitions of words in our songs

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Dictionary of the Words and Terms Used In Our Songs

Provided by Ken Craig

Song Leading Resources

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We are working on creating the largest online database of song leading resources. In the past the 1000 Voices website has been a resource to find information about the singing event, with some recordings and videos from the event. However, for a long time, it has been my desire to create an online repository of […]

1000 Voices Resources

We are working hard to expand our database of helpful articles, resources, and tips for song leaders, parents, teachers, evangelists, and anyone interested in a cappella singing. If you would like to contribute please contact me and tell me how you would like to contribute.